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In his first contact with the outside world since the takeover, Mugabe spoke by telephone to the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, and told him he was confined to his home but fine, the South African presidency said in a statement.

Benedict Allen has failed to return from the Papua New Guinea (pictured on his trip, left) jungle following a solo expedition to find the ‘last people on the planet’ who have no contact with the outside world.

The Shah of Iran paid for and ordered 1,750 Cheiftan tanks (bottom) from Britain but only 185 had been delivered by the time he was toppled in 1979 and the order was cancelled.

Britain was told to pay back £450million by the International Chamber of Commerce in a 2009 ruling - but has not done so because UN and EU sanctions on military equipment forbid the payment.

Explaining her decision, the daughter of billionare F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone explained: 'As soon as Fifi [Sofia's pet name] was born she headed straight to the boob!It lasted more than four months, and there was gossip about wild parties. The late glamorous actress Pat Kirkland (left), Sarah Ferguson's mother (top right) and Hélène Cordet (bottom right) have all been romantically linked to the Duke of Edinburgh over the years, despite his marriage to the Queen in 1947 (inset).One of the women said to make an impression on the royal was Penny Romsey (pictured centre together in 1975).The military (top left and main) appears to have brought an end to Mr Mugabe's long, 37-year reign in what the army's supporters praised as a 'bloodless correction'.Grace, his wife, is said to have fled to Namibia according to an opposition MP, though there has been no official confirmation of her whereabouts.

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John Cannon (pictured), hailed a hero for catching a driver who injured a pensioner has revealed he has been suspended from Greater Manchester Police accused of 'misusing' the police car's blue light.

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