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Anthony, a statement of her principles, dates of meetings and appointments, and personal visits. Most of the entries were written in 1863, and offer descriptions of domestic life during the Civil War period, including daily chores, sewing jobs, visits, illnesses and the weather. She writes of [the publisher] Henry Holt, his suggestions of alternate careers for her, and his offer to set her up in business. Bacon was a novelist and playwright who wrote under the name Dolores Marbourg.Letters were written to the following: Lucy Ellen Guernsey, March 28, 1879: 12335 J. References to the war demonstrate its impact on her life. Charles E.) Bacon, written in New York City and Seaside, New York, to her physician and friend Dr. These letters, rich in self-analysis, reflect a woman's struggle to come to terms with her life. Collection of letters written mostly to and by Jessamine Baker and to her mother, Mrs. The Bakers lived at various times in Andover, Alleghany County, New York and Corning, Steuben County, New York.The letters also include references to new technologies, such as automobiles and phonographs.Lists of New York State women who were discharged or deceased at the close of World War I.Notebooks and records on Indian history, folklore, language and archaeology. Publisher's advertisements for books, including those written by Erick Berry and Herbert Best.These papers feature copies of the newspaper column "Between Ourselves", by Harriet Maxwell Converse, a white woman who was adopted into the Seneca nation. Many of the recipes include the name of the person who provided them. Also featured are newsclippings, as well as correspondence to Helen Fay and Eleanor Foote of the John Mistletoe Shop in Albany, Albany County, New York.The Albany Female Seminary was organized by an association of shareholders in 1828, and operated until 1867. She also describes the work of the Tribune Sunshine Society, of which she is president, organized to distribute books, magazines, flowers and other items to the homebound.Includes the papers of Cornelia Niles Allen, wife of the Baptist minister William W. Featured are five issues of The Garland, a handwritten literary magazine from Rensselaerville, Albany County, New York, of which Allen was "co-editress".

Berry was the pseudonym of author and illustrator (Evangell) Allena Champlin Best. Champlin, a reference librarian at the New York State Library, and May (Allen) Champlin.

The letters of two daughters, Catherine and Nancy, often discussed their situation in rural Texas where they taught school.

They mentioned various hardships due to the hot weather, disease and the meager pay.

Minute books, student records, and property records of the seminary. In this letter, Alden thanks Ives for submitting a poem, which she will publish in the Sunshine column of the newspaper's women's page.

Included are the deed to the seminary property, the Articles of Association, reports to the State Board of Regents, 1843-1848, trustees minute books, 1828-1849, and a registry of students, 1829-1861. Alden recounts her founding four years earlier of "The Only Woman's Page," the first page in a newspaper devoted exclusively to news of interest to women.

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