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Motorola also made mention of the GSM Motorola Q , which has been renamed the Motorola Q 8, but did not say whether it would launch this product in the United States.As you may recall, the company said back at CTIA 2007 that it had no plans to bring the Q 8 stateside because there was no interest.Once the network gains intelligence on users and devices, it can offer a helping hand inside and outside the enterprise.NAC as a concept may be a bit long in the tooth, but identity-based networking is just beginning.For more on today's announcements, check out fellow Craver Kent German's post .Bonnie Cha is a senior editor for CNET, covering smartphones and GPS.NAC was primarily based upon one-off appliances while identity-based networking is built into the entire network.Wired, wireless, and remote users must walk through a security line regardless of where their network journey begins. Aside from when and where I can gain network access, policies span security, compliance, and quality of service.

Rather than a myopic security tool, identity-based networking initiatives: • Span the enterprise.Whether you like it or not, there are holes in the "always-on" nature of the social Web, the "snack culture" of short blog entries and camera phone video clips that have made dozens of doomsday prophets hail the impending death of anything longer than three minutes or 500 words , and the geeky power trips that come from being able to dig up Perez Hilton -worthy levels of dirt through Google searches.And in those gaps, delightfully vintage media like Fake Steve Jobs are able to pop up.Rockers turned social crusaders Bono and The Edge, according to Fake Steve, are prone to bar fights . But take away the push-button publishing, the RSS feeds, and the post tagging, and look at the bigger picture: Fake Steve, as a concept, is downright old-school. In a culture captivated--obsessed, even--by the antics of high society, an anonymous satirist starts publishing over-the-top missives purporting to be from an insider in that privileged niche.In the process, the faux-mogul skewers political elites, entertainers, business titans, and ordinary people in a way that's at once outlandish and provocative, hilarious and appalling. Were it the 19th century, or heck, the 1990s, the satirist's medium of choice likely would've been a serial or set of letters in a major news outlet.

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Jon Oltsik is a senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group .