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Similarly, the continual need for extra processing power has mostly dropped off as well, unless you care a whole lot the nascent world of VR and AR which, for the most part, has yet to prove its worth.

However, the frequency of new phones has not dropped off at all.

If we're all willing to settle for buying new pocket computers every two or three years, then that's fine.

The problem is that phones are also getting more expensive without getting meaningfully better. With a beautiful high-resolution OLED screen that covers the entire front of the phone, the i Phone X is an undeniably beautiful piece of design.

There aren't really many phones anymore, at least not in the way that there used to be flagship stinkers.

But this also makes the question of whether or not to upgrade more complicated. At the same time we've watched a general slowdown of truly revolutionary features, there have been two key areas where smartphones really do desperately need to improve: battery and repairability.

But the i Phone X is the exemplar of growing wave of "premium" phones, and as we look across the selection of them, a value judgement starts to peek out: It's never been less worth it to upgrade to a new phone if you don't have to.

Buying a new but older-model phone, or just keeping the phone you have, is a better call than ever. It's important to remember—and easy to forget—how primitive early smartphones were.

It's a confluence of problems including the fact that batteries gradually lose capacity and cannot be easily replaced, that screens can shatter and require expensive professional repairs, and that companies abandon their older phones by introducing newer operating systems that don't support them.I'd argue that quick-read fingerprint sensors are the most recent advancement that qualify, and they debuted in earnest on Apple's 2013 i Phone 5S.Many of the "advancements" that followed it—like the facial recognition tech in Face ID for the i Phone X—only serve to emulate the same basic features that were already there.There are two good solutions to this problem, but the majority of premium phones today opt for neither.The first would be to design phones with easily replaceable batteries that allow you to buy a backup and swap it in. This was the norm in many phones (excluding the i Phone) for years, until it was phased out in favor of the slimmer, slicker unibody phones that people (theoretically) want, at least according to smartphone advertising.

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