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The online invitation creation website claims to facilitate the sending of more than 25,000 invitations every hour.

If the response to my party is anything to go by, there must be an awful lot of irate hosts out there.

Reflecting on the RSVP silence, I began to consider the etiquette of modern invitations.

“One of the most time-consuming elements running up to a wedding is chasing up replies,” I was told by Sarah Haywood, a wedding planner. Ten years ago it would have been rare to chase RSVPs, now it is commonplace. I wrote to thank someone for a dinner the other day and the host said I was the only person who bothered to.” Perhaps, I wondered, it is the less tangible nature of digital invitations that is to blame.

In December, my partner Sonja and I held a Christmas party at our London home.

Others among the 18 responded with a “maybe”, an equally maddening reply.

It could also mean you’re lying dead on your kitchen floor and no one knows because your rudeness has cost you most of your friends.

I considered chasing up the non-responders with telephone calls, but that felt like begging.

It puzzles me why so many people do not realise that no answer is not an answer.

It could mean you have not received the invitation, or have forgotten about it.

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I accept that some people genuinely may not know their plans until very late in the day – their work may entail short-notice travel or they could have responsibilities such as caring for a relative or child – but when someone says they “hope” to be there you can’t help concluding that they are hanging on in case something better comes along.

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