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In cases like this one, Facebook and Snapchat could very easily find themselves on the hook for sex crimes right along with their more demonized digital counterparts. Most of their responses were, “Which story do you want to hear?Basil O'Kimosh, a former cop in Green Bay, Wisconsin, faces federal charges for exchanging sexually explicit Snapchat messages with a teenage girl he met on Facebook.If convicted, the 39-year-old man faces 25 years to life in prison.Watch Bryce Ambraziunas describe his experience in this video, or skip the video and keep reading to learn his experience.Bryce was the VP of Operations at Raindance, a company that provided reservationless voice conferencing.According to FBI Agent Sarah Deamron, O'Kimosh began interacting with the girl last January through Facebook Messenger; in April he asked if he could contact her on Snapchat. At first O'Kimosh did not know the girl was only 15, but continued to discuss sexual topics with her after learning her age, "repeatedly requesting through the Snapchat application" that they meet for sexual activity.When investigators impersonated the girl on November 1, O'Kibosh asked "her" to send an explicit photo. Sickel ordered O'Kimosh be held in a federal corrections facility pending trial, based on his "potential risk of flight due to the significant sentence that may be imposed if convicted" and on the fact that the alleged offenses happened while he was on duty as a Menominee Tribal Police officer.

This is the first in a series of on-call horror stories, and it wins the award for most embarrassing.

No adult, especially not one sworn to uphold the law, should be sexting with a teenager, let alone propositioning one.

But considering the kinds of things that cops in this country frequently get away with—murder, sexual assault, physical abuse, actual sex with minors—the severe concern in this case rings either a bit paranoid or a bit hollow.

Bryce got a call one night at about am from his support desk.

The complaint was from one of Raindance’s biggest customers, a Fortune 100 company.

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SESTA is fraudulently sold as a way to target only "bad" sites like Backpage, and this week Facebook joined several other tech giants in supporting it.

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