Steam an error occurred while updating connection timeout

Posted by / 28-Oct-2017 14:38

I gave my login to a friend, he managed to play the game through my account without any problems on his PC.

I then installed a VPN and the game works, the only problem for me is that I get a really high ping through it and can`t play normally or just get empty servers.

It also works if I use a Danish remote ip through vpn This problem has arisen like a thief at night, from one day to another the problem occurred to me I use Torguard as vpn.

I have the exact same problem with Social Club not verifying my key and as far as I can tell it`s on clients side, not Rockstar`s.

If your ISP is unable to provide this information, please consider using and as your DNS servers. This may resolve some issues for customers whom are having difficulty with timeouts and cloud save issues. v=0Ok B-a7d ETE Portforwarding ports - find your Router to disable power from modem when you have done settings above- wait 1 min and restart modem/router.Hope this helps Good Luck » @jdanielbafu: Hey, i'm having the same problem, and i tried every step you mentioned.Hello, everytime I try to play video at youtube, the same message appeared at the screen, 'an error occured, please try again later', so it's difficult to me to watch any video at you tube.It then asked me to input the Rockstar Activation Code for my account. Please try again later." This has remained the case for the past few days as I repeat the input every minute or so while I research the problem.Confused but not immensely worried, I retreived my physical copy of GTAV and grabbed the manual, typing the code from the back into the input box. I did find a web page on the support forums for a similar problem, but there are three details that give me some pause.

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