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Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” CW’s “Supernatural” or from her commercial appearances (she was an early accomplice of that cartoon Cheetos cheetah), but she’s perhaps best known as being the “queen of the geeks.” Just don’t ask her to use the title herself.

“That implies I represent everybody, and in life I think you need to represent yourself,” says the Los Angeles-based actress.

She completed her study from University of Texas at Austin in 2000. Her personality is smart, and she looks very charming because of her study too.

She has gained double majored in music and mathematics.

But she chooses another way as her career, and she can get success in peak level.

Hot sexy and talented personality of entertainment sector started her career in this field in her early age eight.

As a home-schooled kid in Huntsville, Ala., she penned her own “Anne of Green Gables” fan fiction and mastered early computer games.

In her smart, funny new memoir, “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost),” out Tuesday, Day writes of learning to embrace her own weirdness.She is a popular writer, producer as well as a comedian. She is fully satisfied with her net worth and income. Her convincing smile is so thrilling that the fans are fascinated by her appearance massively towards her.With a huge emergency in the movie and she has been able to make a remarkable place in the history of the American film industry.“I had 40 friends, men and women, who made me feel like every time I sat down I was sitting down with my friends,” she says.Felicia Day is an American actress-comedian and writer and very popular and famous among the young generation and youths.

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She got small but regular gigs in TV and film, but found her niche as a creator and chronicler of geek culture.

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